Our Privacy Policy

Information Collected

We collect the data that you directly provide to us at the time of registration, or when you use tutoriapro.com’s services.

Registration Data

We collect the following information during the registration process of creating your tutoriapro.com account.

Trial User
  • Names
  • Phone Number
  • E-mail
Paid User
  • Names
  • Phone Numbers
  • Grade
  • E-mail
  • Gender
  • City
  • Country
  • School/Education at Institution
Payment Details

If you choose to subscribe to tutoriapro.com’s premium membership, then you will be asked to provide relevant details to the transaction, eg. CNIC, name, phone number etc by our payment gateway providers (Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa).

The personal data collected at the time of payment for a subscription is processed and collected through our affiliate payment partners (eg. Jazz Cash, Easy Paisa etc). tutoriapro.com does not save any personal financial information of its users.

Information you choose to provide to tutoriapro.com

We collect only the data that you choose to directly provide us at the time of registration, or when you use tutoriapro.com’s services. This includes registration data, payment Identification details, details you enter when submitting a request form, etc.

How we Store Information

Through the use of tutoriapro.com’s application services, you understand and agree to the storage of information and any other personal data on tutoriapro.com’s server and cloud-based solutions. All information submitted to tutoriapro.com is encrypted and inaccessible by any third party. Our payment gateway providers do not receive user information from tutoriapro.com and are only passed an authentication token to generate a payment receipt.

Why We Ask for Your Information

  • To verify that you are a real person with a unique identity
  • To ensure that your account is secure
  • To measure and analyze the usage in order to enhance your user experience on tutoriapro.com
  • To invite you to participate in promotions and special offers
  • To send you the information which you agreed to receive
  • To use general course data such as quiz submissions, information about your activity on tutoriapro.com, demographic details, etc. to help develop better educational resources for you
  • To be able to answer your questions, comments or concerns
  • To analyze trends, usage, activity, consumer patterns on tutoriapro.com for marketing and/or advertising purposes
  • To identify, investigate or prevent any fraudulent transactions, identity fraud, unauthorized access to our content, etc. (All of which are illegal)
  • To identify, investigate or prevent any fraudulent transactions, identity fraud, unauthorized access to our content etc. (All of which are illegal)
  • To process and deliver rewards based on a referral system, or marketing activities

Disclosure to third parties

Third-party resources are used to enhance our ability to provide high-quality services to you. These third-party resources may require that some information is provided for authentication, and management, in order for them to be able to provide you valuable services.

At tutoriapro.com, we do not sell your information to marketing companies. The information provided at the time of registration is used for the sole purpose of enhancing your user experience and providing you with information which is of relevance and importance to you. Protection of Information at tutoriapro.com goes above and beyond industry standards in order to ensure that the information you provide to tutoriapro.com is safeguarded and secure.

We are committed to preserving your privacy, identification, and integrity.

Rights of users

  • You must always update your account settings in order to ensure that your information is always correct and up to date
  • You can always edit your preferences on how we can contact you in order to provide you valuable information
  • You can always choose not to provide information; however, this may not enable you to successfully verify your account or make purchases.
  • If you do not want to receive emails with special offers, discounts, promotions and relevant information to you then you can always opt-out of it the settings section
  • You can disable and delete cookies in your browser settings-

Notification of Changes

We may revise our privacy policy periodically in light of changes in technological practices, industry and business needs, and to improve our ability to serve our users’ needs.

Any notifications of changes to our privacy policy in the future will be mentioned here. Please periodically check this section for any changes in tutoriapro.com’s privacy policy.

Changes will be implemented 30 days after the initial notification on our website, and push notifications. If you have turned off push notifications, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you periodically review the changes. If you continue to use our application, it indicates that you have understood and agree upon the new terms and conditions, and privacy policy.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy, then you can contact us at info@tutoriapro.com